Coding/Rating Human Relationships

(Including Psychotherapy)

Bales in 1950 developed the interaction process analysis (IPA) which has attracted the most research in training groups or leadership groups. The process has been constantly updated as a result of research efforts. However, the categories have remained pretty much intact since the 1950 development. The following categories are taken from the 1970 work.

Hill's (1979) counselor verbal response category system (HCVRCS) contained 14 categories. The HCVRCS meets a large part of the requirements of a broad area of human behavior and the categories used cover the range of the major psychotherapy theories. However, the categories focus on the skills of the therapist and are limited to the verbal responses of the therapist. The categories are as follows

The following ratings are taken from the ratings above that used Bale's system of rating. The following are those ratings and the various nonparametric as indicated in the syntax file above are computed on the data.

This syntax file was used.

The data for the above analysis are nominal data and consequently, only those statistics based on nominal data are appropriate for analysis. Only conditional probability statistics are appropriate.

Hill, C. E. (1988). An Overview of the Hill Counselor and Client: Verbal Response Modes Category Systems. In L. S.
Greenburg & W. M. Pinsof (Eds.), The Psychotherapeutic Process: A Research Handbook (pp. 31-159). New York,
NY: The Guildford Press.

The ratings of the therapist are the first five numbers of each row and the next five numbers are the ratings of the client. When a correlation is computed between column 1 and column 5 it results in a cross-lagged correlation between the positive/negative emotions therapist and positive/negative emotions of the client. If it were a positive correlation it would indicate that whatever emotion is exhibited by the therapist is followed by the same emotion of the client.

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